Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild eating

     The weather is finally conducive to gardening!  I am out in the garden in full force.  Picked the new growth off the catnip and washed it up real good.  I'm in the process of drying it for my herbal medicine stash.  It makes a great stomach relaxer and helps sleep when it is drank as a tea.  
     I also found oxalis in the yard while cleaning up a wild area.   I will be making some of that into skin ointment tomorrow.  I have eczema on my right leg and the dandelion root won't be pickable until the fall for my ointment.  Apparently, oxalis leaves will make a nice ointment for it too.  I will be trying it.
     Another thing I learned about oxalis is that the flowers will make a nice yellow dye.  I will try some of that tomorrow and then I will dry some flowers and see how well they make a yellow dye.  If the dried flowers make as nice a dye as the fresh ones I will dry a whole SLEW of them! My yard is Full of oxalis.
    I also will be drying dandelion leaves and flowers and picking miners lettuce in the next few days.  I have read that miners lettuce makes the BEST salad but alas, i have never tasted it.  I have tons of that growing in the backyard also.  I will post pictures tomorrow.