Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have asparagus!  I planted them a month or so ago and nothing happened...absolutely nothing.   I watched....I waited....I looked again....nothing.   So I quit watching.  I weeded the strawberry patch instead.  The blackberries were taking over the Strawberries so I worked really hard on them and cleaned them out.  I'm now waiting for that first green strawberry to turn red.  Hurry, hurry, hurry.   So yesterday I went back to the asparagus patch to water it  (The rains have finally stopped) and lo and behold, there were little green shoots coming up from 3 of the crowns that I thought had died in the ground.   Yea!  We can't harvest until next spring but now I know they are coming.

The lettuce is also starting to next Friday I'll have enough for our first salad of the year.   The tomatoes are in the ground and the potatoes are busy growing vines.   I love how some accidents actually make things better.   I planted my potatoes and a week later (before the vines were really noticeable) My son rototilled his plots.  Then, like a good son, he did mine too....not knowing or seeing my already planted potatoes.   He kicked them up and cut them up during the process and didn't notice a thing.   I was sure the crop was a goner but a week later I went out there and the crazy potatoes were growing!   I'm sure I only planted 6 but there were the beginnings of 9 vines poking out of the ground.   At this date I have at least 20 different potato plants taking off like hotcakes!  

I planted an apple tree about 2 months ago and it's not happy.   All the apple trees on the block have bloomed but my little tree is just sitting there dormant.  It's alive.   I snapped a small twig and inside it's green.  But I guess it's not ready to wake up for a productive spring.  Not a leaf in sight.  Sigh.

The ever blooming but never producing avocado tree is blooming again.  I'm waiting for the blooms to open so that I can take my paintbrush to the blooms.   It's supposed to be a self-pollinator but it never produces fruit.  I'm believing that it may be a victim of the sad bee population in Calif.   So, i'm gonna try the paintbrush tactic.  Like so many things in farming, it's a "we'll see" thing.  

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