Monday, March 28, 2011

Another setback

      Yes! I've had another setback.  Last Wednesday, while rehearsing for the show I'm in, I rolled my ankle and sprained it really bad.  It's been 5 days and I am finally up and walking with a brace.  But, no major work has been done since it happened. 
     I have to say that my dear, darling husband is now talking self-sufficiency and emergency prepardness.  I'm not sure how that happened but I'm really happy we are slowing getting to be on the same page. 
     I have been planting seeds in the windowsill and hubby brought home leeks from the farmers market for the first time this week.  I made potato leek soup with them and red potatoes.   Along with some homemade bread, we were in heaven.  Looking forward to next weeks market just so I can do it again.
     We are still using the grocery store for a few things.   I keep having to remind myself to take baby steps.  I haven't learned to make pasta yet.   I haven't figured out the flour, sugar, baking powder things yet either.  So, off to the supermarket we go for staples.  
     It looks like the incessent rain has finally stopped and I will be able to line-dry my clothes again.  I have been waiting for that. 
     I will be out in the garden today to see what has happened in the last 5 days and to transplant a few sunflowers that have finally grown tall enough to be set out.  I'll update later. 

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