Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily bread

     I haven't written in a week because it's been raining cats and dogs here and I have had nothing new to write about.  Basically, I am working, rehearsing (I got a part in our local production of "Jesus Christ Superstar") and watching the news.   Not good writing material.
     But, during this "I don' wanna' go outside" whine, I started making my own bread.  I was surfing the web and ended up at the King Arthur Flour site and they have recipes for EVERYTHING! that can be construed as baking.  I was in heaven.     
     They have a recipe for Daily Bread that literally takes only a few minutes a day of work.   I'm not gonna reproduce the recipe here because it is a proprietary recipe owned by King Arthur Flour but you can go to the website and get it (and a ton of other recipes) free.  
     I love it!  I get up in the morning and put the yeast, sugar and warm water in the mixer bowl.  I then add 1 cup of the flour and stir.  I then go and make breakfast for myself and hubby.  When I am done with that i come back and turn on the mixer, add the rest of the flour and let it mix until it makes a nice dough.  I take it out put it in a greased bowl, cover it and leave it in the livingroom (cuz that's where the fire is) all day.
     When I come home from work I take it out and shape it on my pizza peal (with lots of corn meal underneath so it will slide into the oven and not stick)  I teach my first piano lesson (1/2 hour) and then go and turn on the oven.  I teach my second piano lesson, then go and put the bread into the oven, by the time the 3rd lesson is over, the bread is done!  I can do this every day and have fresh bread every day, and I know what ingredients are in the bread!

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