Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rain and Mustard

     I said I was going to check out the bike in the basement today...but, the rain is here without let-up.  I went out to check on the potatoes (make sure they are draining well) and empty the extra water out of the seed pots and came right back into the house.   Not a day for working outside.  The bike will have to wait until another dry day.
     I decided to try to make mustard from the mustard seeds that I collected from the mustard that I grew last year.  I got out the book (lost Arts) and read about what to mix with the mustard and they were no help.  Apparently, you can mix any liquid with the ground mustard and make it into a paste.  So, I made little piles of mustard and added 1) Riesling wine  2) tarragon vinegar and 3) water.   They all tasted awful.   But wait!  The book says to wait at least an hour to taste....Ok.  tick, tock, tick, tock.  is it an hour yet?   Finally!  now the water one is really mellow...I can eat it but it's essentially tasteless.   The vinegar?  Very spicy!  The wine?  sweet but not very full of taste.   So, I mixed the vinegar and the wine and I'm gonna try it again tomorrow.  I'll let you know.
     So, while playing with mustard I realized that I really had to shower and go to work.  In the shower I realized that I am almost out of hair conditioner.  Why am I worrying about mustard?  By tomorrow I won't be able to get a brush through my hair?   Off to find out how to make hair detangeler with household ingredients.

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