Monday, March 7, 2011

Green Cleaning

     Today was house cleaning day.   I have Monday mornings off work so it has been tagged to be our house cleaning day.  I wanted to try using baking soda and vinegar to clean so I put it to work  for me today.  
     I have to works pretty well.  I have a bottle of vinegar water that I use for windows and I brought it with me into the bathroom.   I shook baking soda into the tub and wet it with the vinegar water.   I let it sit for a few minutes and then went at it.  I was surprised that it did the job as good as tub cleaners and smelled a heck of a lot better.  
     I used the vinegar water on the floor and it cleaned beautifully, at least the mop had as much dirt in it as it usually has when I use other cleaners.   It's hard to tell if the floor is clean because it's so old it's the color of dirt anyway.  I may have to remedy that some day. 
     I used it on the stove and I used it on the counters.  I like the stuff.  I'm gonna use it all the time.  I'm hooked.  That doesn't mean that I'm gonna throw all my other stuff away.  Not yet!  I feel that if I've already bought it, there really is no savings of any kind for me to throw it away unused.   The companies that make it won't know, or care, that I threw it away.  They already have their money.  So I will finish using what I have and not buy any more.   At that point I will be voting with my dollars (the kind of voting that big companies understand) and it will be worth something.
  By the way, I found a recipe for a hair detangeler.  You'll never guess what it is.   Vinegar water!  Yep! you heard it right here....clean your house, detangle your hair, vinegar does it all!   I poured some into the empty (almost) hair conditioner bottle and added water to fill.   I used it today during my shower and it worked!  I can't say for sure that it wasn't because of the leftover conditioner in the bottle, but I'll know soon.  I'm hooked, and my hair doesn't smell like vinegar at all!

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