Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Beds

My husband went yesterday and got the last yard of dirt for the new planting beds.  They are now full of topsoil and compost.  
     Went out this morning and planted cucumbers, lettuce (yeah, I know it's late) zucchini, peppers, tomatoes and sunflowers.  There is more coming but I'm still deciding on some stuff.
     Back in the root bed, we now have a great showing in radishes and the carrots are coming up also.  I planted another successon of radishes, carrots, parsnips and beets today.  I have space for one more planting in a few weeks.
     In the legume bed, the peas are happily climbing their chickenwire fence and I planted the rest of the bed in blue lake green beans and black beans.  The green beans will be great for eating as they ripen and they also freeze well for winter stews.  The black beans will dry on the vine and be put away for longer term storage (with a few for replanting)
     The dill is all over the garden and I am happily drying it in the microwave to save for the future, leaving enough out there to make fresh dill sauces and dill pickles later in the year.

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