Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     The radishes are coming up!  I only takes a few days for radishes to sprout.  But, they always make me happy.  It makes the relentless weeding worth something.  And let me tell you, the weeds are full of themselves this week.  It's probably because of the weekend rains but I filled a good 5 inches of the compost bin with grasses and weeds today and that was only the beginning.  I think I will be weeding until my hands are green this week.
     Had spaghetti with homemade sauce made from our own canned tomatoes for dinner tonight.  I'm still using up the dried spaghetti but one day I'll make my own. (or at least try)   Also, made an herb salad from the garden.  Brought in some frost-kissed lettuce and dill, cilantro and thyme.  Added a few olives from the fridge and oil and vinegar dressing. Viola....dinner.    I'm really ready to add some radishes to the  salad though!

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