Friday, March 4, 2011

More planting

    Friday is usually a heavy work day for me but the 7th grade took over my classroom so I came home for a while.  Got some more clothes on the line, (I'm liking this hang dry stuff) and made miso soup with some of the vegetables from the freezer.  Our ultimate goal is a $0 grocery month.  Since I have lots of staples on hand.  That might just be a possibility.  I never realized how little of each item we really eat. 
     I transplanted some of my sad tomatoes into larger pots with the extra time.  It's really too early to set them out in the yard, but I did take the time to put the carrots, radishes and beets out in their regular places.  We'll know soon if the soil is warm enough...the radishes should come up in a few days.   Weeded the lettuce patch and decided to make a salad for tonight's dinner along with the leftover jambalaya from last night and maybe some biscuits if I'm not too tired.

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