Sunday, March 13, 2011


     The recent massive earthquake in Japan has reminded me about being prepared.  I came home from my audition on Thursday night and decided to check the news before I went to bed.  I was speechless as I watched the tsunami wash over town after town destroying everything in it's wake.
     Of course, we cannot adequately prepare for an initial matter how hard we try.  Mother Nature has to run her course and we have to ride it out.  But, if we survive the initial disaster, chances are that we will NOT be the people most in need of rescuing.  Chances are that we will not be a priority.  But, chances are that there will not be water or electricity or gas to cook on. Chances are that travel to the store will be difficult at best and when we get there (if we get there) chances are that the shelves will be close to empty because others will have reached there before use.  Chances are that we will have to hole up and survive on our own until things get up and running again. 
     I have always known this and I have always had the "I'll do it tomorrow" mentality.  I've been too busy living my life to spend so much time on stuff like that.  I'm learning my lesson.  This is part of self-sufficiency.   Stocking up is as important as having enough.   Having a plan for the essentials if the grid should go down if essential.  Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to never have to put the plan into action.      

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