Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wood Ashes

Cleaned out the wood stove today and got a whole can of wood ashes.  I know that people use wood ashes for lots of stuff so I was not really ready to put it into the landfill.  It seems it's time to use google to get more information. 

What I found was that the most common uses for wood ashes are to put in the garden to make the soil more alkaline and to make lye for use in making soap.  I am now very interested in making soap.  I am, however worried because I keep hearing that lye(which is what is make from the wood ashes) is really caustic and will eat flesh.   That worries me no end.

For the moment I will be saving ashes and putting some of them in the garden, especially where the pine needles are.   But, I am not ready yet to try to make lye.   Maybe sometime during the summer.

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