Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working and Garden update

     Well, it's back to work at the day job.   Sad to say I'm driving because the rain ( and my own laziness) kept me from working on the bike this weekend.   I also have lots of stuff to take and put into the storage at work.  Tons of boxes of costumes, props etc.  I guess I don't feel tooo bad about driving today.  I still want to get off the gasoline bandwagon tho. 
     The peas are liking the cold and rain...they are climbing their chicken wire fence and I believe I see the beginnings of blooms.  Crossing my fingers!   I'm going to put in a few more pea seeds where the beans that were killed by the frost were.  I'll wait another week to start beans again.
     My husband got us scrap rebar and cut it into pieces that will help the raised beds stay where they belong.  I hate to say it but I think he might be getting into this farming thing.  We will be getting a load of topsoil this week and spend the weekend mixing in compost.  By that time I think I will be able to put in squash and tomatoes and maybe peppers.
     Going outside now to check the potato plants.   Hoping that too much rain too soon didn't cause them to start to rot instead of growing.   

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